Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy new year-New blog style

It's a new year, Time to start a new design to the blog too! We will change:
-We will have replacements for the following blog posts: Nintendo DSi app reviews-camera
-New blog style!
We will therefore continue our marvellous blog

Monday, 26 December 2011

Nintendo DSi app reviews- Nintendo DSi camera

The nintendo DSi comes with two cameras, one is the inner camera, for taking photos of yourself and the outer camera, for taking photos of surroundings. Whe-
n taking photos you can take them in normal lens, distortion lens, graffiti lens, colour lens, colourpad lens, mirror lens, mischief lens, merge lens, resemblance lens and frame lens. Create or use frames. Create a frame- use a photo in the album or create a new photo, cut out the area you put the face or photo in, you will have a perfect frame for use! In your album you can view and edit al photos you made. You can edit using all lens in the photo section except photo and frames. You can watch slideshows of your photos with some music or not. In the options section you can send or receive photos, copy, delete them all and how to use the dsi camera. This camera is great fun so enjoy!

DSI App reviews-System Settings

Adjust the system to suit your needs. With data management delete or copy to an SD card any data you downloaded via DSi shop. If you delete any data it can be downloaded again free of charge. Wireless communications allow you to turn the wireless communications ON or OFF. Always turn OFF when about to use in Planes, Hospitals, and Airports. Wireless communications allow use to the internet, pictochat, DS download play and games to play with multiplayer mode. With brightness settings you can set your brightness, 1, the brightness of an original DS. 3,of a DS lite and 5 of a DSi. You can set it to 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. With the profile you can edit your own profile. Change your username, a personal message, your DSi theme colour and your birthday. Change today's date with the date section and change the time with TIME.You can also set an alarm clock if you wish.Careful, it's a bit creepy. Now you can use parental controls, set a 4-digit pin.Then pick a secret question and answer. Next you can choose pegi age rating to allow, you can allow all content, 18+, 16+,15+,12+,PG,7,U Or 3+. You can restrict many items like pictochat, sending photos, ds download play, and other items of software. You can also calibrate the touch screen to see if it is working. The microphone test allows you to see if the microphone is functioning properly. With the internet section you can select connection settings, where you can connect your internet and set it up. With options you can view system information, delete nintendo WFC configguration or transfer nintendo WFC configuration. You may also check and agree to the User agreement. You can also select the language you are using and the country you are in. With the system update you may update your system. Last we have format system memory, which will delete all data. Let the system settings suit your system's needs!

Email from a friend

We had a nice guest on this site who sent us an email.Thank you!
SUBJECT:Great Site
Message: Hello, your site rocks! My little sister was on it and she showed it to me, the reviews were great my sister got all those games for christmas and she said they rock. But I have some requests, could you add PC games like club penguin, panfu, moshi monsters or bin weevils? I want 2 xbox 360 games for my birthday 28 December. Could you review 2 for me? My sister's birthday is tomorrow. She wants a DSi to replace her DS could you give me the app reviews so I can check it through? Please reply!
I would love to reply, and I have the reply here:
Sure, Club penguin, great! I have a membership on it. Panfu is a great site, one of my favourites.And for moshi monsters I had a membership twice and I love the site a lot. And you will be expecting bin weevils later. Somewhere in February, Late January or Early March when my club penguin membership ends I will use my Bin Weevils membership card. So when I get a BW membership I will be more in the mood to writing about it. I will write the DSI app and XBOX360 game reviews today, seeing it's important.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Imagine Fashion Designer Ubisoft Entertainment

Have you ever dreamt of being a fashion designer? Well, another game from the imagine series allows you to! Create an account and check if the modelling agency has any requests, if you pass the blue collection task, well done! You will have a trophy and certificate and no more tasks. Tasks unlock new clothes and make-up etc. The tasks are very hard so you will spend hours of gaming fun! You will also be able to view the models, Japanese Akiko, Brazilian Gizelle, African-American Sharon and Russian Adriana. You will also be able to use DS wireless communications to receive data from friends!Your collection has all the items of clothing you designed. Pick a clothing section and browse the items to delete them or view them. The my book section allows you to view and delete the photos you took. You can also send photos to your friends. Those photos will be used to represent the agency. My workshops is the best part,there are Seven different workshops you can work on:
Beauty: The make-up woorkshop. Change your model's Lip colour, to sensible colours like red or pink to wierd and wacky like green and blue! Change your mascara, to sensible like black and brown to wild like red and green! You will also be able to change the blusher, add traditional Japanese make-up (White face) and a sort of orange face. Your eyes can be efficient, like brown and blue and wierd ones like black, red and purple. Your eyeshadow can be any colour you can think of, Silver, Yellow...
Hairdressing: Pick one of the many hairstyles that suit your model and change the colour, boring and sensible like blonde, brown to exciting like orange, pink, green and more!
Dressing: Pick clothes from your collection to suit your model.
jEWELERY: Pick a necklace material, Gold, Silver or copper, lenghth, Short, medium and long and one of the many gems in different places!
Photo: Take photos of your model to represent your book, change colour effect, frame size and the pose will change every few moments.
Catwalk: Very challenging, includes many minigames! Pick a perfect background and play the minigames...
STARCATCH: Click the stars before they disappear.
Silhouette mania: Remeber the silhouette!
Drawing is good: Draw the pattern that appeared on the screen.
Enjoy the game!
Also I wanted to mention, on my secret diary you can customise your diary

My dress-up Oxygen Interactive Studios

Now you can design clothes and share them with friends! With the friends icon, create new friends with a broad choice of 3 face shapes, 6 skin colours, 18 hair styles, 24 colours, 24 streak colours,8 eye shapes, 6 eye colours and 8 lip styles! Create a name with up to 15 characters, Select your birthday, 1 out of the 5 personalities and select your favourite colour and pet, with over 30 choices each! After you create your profile, you may EDIT it, Dress it up, or put a ready-made costume you saved in the wardrobe! The messages icon is handy. Check your messages from friends who need your help, or normal messages like ''I want some chocolate!'' Once you complete the tasks you will unlock outfits until you unlock all of them! Then you can help your friends and save the outfit if you wish. There are many clothing items to choose from, with an easy to use menu browse through categories like shirts, dresses e.t.c and choose a colour, there are over 100!! Then you may choose a patter and change it's colours too! Once you have everything ready, save the outfit into one of the 8 wardrobes! There are 16 save slots in each wardrobe. With top designer, pick a shirt shape, then pick the colour and apply the logo and change it's colours, the possiblilities are completley endless! If you save the top you will be able to use it in your next dress up session. My dress up allows you to design your own outfits and save them, but using the wireless icon you will sure have a lot of fun! Create a dress up party with 2 of your best friends,transfer outfits to your friends, use the exclusive my games chat and get a photo from my make-up to complete your friends'new look! ENJOY!

Sims 2 Electronic Arts

Create your sim and run the best hotel in town! In thriving new 3D!Complete missions from guests, straight until you defeat Optimum Alfred. Unlock other people's secrets and concept art! Check in guests, interact with every object you see, earn simoleons to spend on furniture, food,drink, name it! Here is a quick overview of what you can do on the game!
Missions: Complete missions from friends until you defeat Optimum alfred, and you get additional missions like finding chests in deserts, which you don't have to do at all! Missions are rewarded by simoleons, gourds, and fuel rods.
Interact: Use showers, toilets, beds, eat, drink, anything you need to have an awesome life. Affect other sims, Romance, Impress, Cheer Up, Restrain and Calm down!
Guests: Check in guests to the hotel to be full of riches. Look after them, decorate their rooms, cheer them up, calm down ect. That way your simoleons will go way up!
Shop: Buy furniture, food, drink, rooms, and to get more clothes buy the dresser and change your gair with the mirror! Decorate your own room.
Play minigames: Use the metal detector in the desert to look for wierd and wacky things. Use the vacuum to clean your hotel and get stuff worth $$$! Or if you don't bother to vacuum hire a maid.Alien Autopsy is a very fun game! Trace each organ with the laser and put it in the cooler! Stop goons and aliens with your trusty rat suit or head over to the casino for more games. Buy games from the shop or play public ones.
Now remember multiplayer mode, play a game of cards, trade objects and have fun! There is much.much more you can do in the game! You just must see for yourself!