Monday, 26 December 2011

Email from a friend

We had a nice guest on this site who sent us an email.Thank you!
SUBJECT:Great Site
Message: Hello, your site rocks! My little sister was on it and she showed it to me, the reviews were great my sister got all those games for christmas and she said they rock. But I have some requests, could you add PC games like club penguin, panfu, moshi monsters or bin weevils? I want 2 xbox 360 games for my birthday 28 December. Could you review 2 for me? My sister's birthday is tomorrow. She wants a DSi to replace her DS could you give me the app reviews so I can check it through? Please reply!
I would love to reply, and I have the reply here:
Sure, Club penguin, great! I have a membership on it. Panfu is a great site, one of my favourites.And for moshi monsters I had a membership twice and I love the site a lot. And you will be expecting bin weevils later. Somewhere in February, Late January or Early March when my club penguin membership ends I will use my Bin Weevils membership card. So when I get a BW membership I will be more in the mood to writing about it. I will write the DSI app and XBOX360 game reviews today, seeing it's important.

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