Sunday, 25 December 2011

My Secret Diary Oxygen Interactive Studios

Did you know you can keep a diary on your DS? Set up a password for your diary and write an entry or more every day using the diary icon, then read your diary for a decent memory! You can store anything you want, practice keyboard art, or just write for fun! Every time you start the game, pick the mood you are in. This will be stored in your CALENDAR. That's it, you can plan your own calendar. Check it to check when the dates are, add events to remind you and never forget when anything happens! Do you want your friends on the game? Select the CONTACTS icon to create your friend. Add their Name,Birthday,Mobile number, Email,personality,Favourite colour, Favourite animal and favourite music! Now you will have your friend information completley safe and you will never forget it! If you are slightly bored , select fun and games, great for chilling out! You can take and unlock quizzes, play three fun games, wordsearch, word garden, like hangman, and friend match. Pick two friends from your contacts to check their friendship score. The mystic section includes fortune cookies, pick a random fortune cookies with a fortune saying. What will it be? No-one knows. The crystal ball, think of a yes or no question, concentrate, rub the ball with the stylus to reveal your answer! The Aura stone is a fun game to do with friends. Rub the Aura stone until the colour settles to say something about it. The wireless section allows you to play wirelessly. Send invitations to events to your friends, Share secrets and use the exclusive my-games chat feature. HAVE FUN!

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