Sunday, 25 December 2011

Sims 2 Electronic Arts

Create your sim and run the best hotel in town! In thriving new 3D!Complete missions from guests, straight until you defeat Optimum Alfred. Unlock other people's secrets and concept art! Check in guests, interact with every object you see, earn simoleons to spend on furniture, food,drink, name it! Here is a quick overview of what you can do on the game!
Missions: Complete missions from friends until you defeat Optimum alfred, and you get additional missions like finding chests in deserts, which you don't have to do at all! Missions are rewarded by simoleons, gourds, and fuel rods.
Interact: Use showers, toilets, beds, eat, drink, anything you need to have an awesome life. Affect other sims, Romance, Impress, Cheer Up, Restrain and Calm down!
Guests: Check in guests to the hotel to be full of riches. Look after them, decorate their rooms, cheer them up, calm down ect. That way your simoleons will go way up!
Shop: Buy furniture, food, drink, rooms, and to get more clothes buy the dresser and change your gair with the mirror! Decorate your own room.
Play minigames: Use the metal detector in the desert to look for wierd and wacky things. Use the vacuum to clean your hotel and get stuff worth $$$! Or if you don't bother to vacuum hire a maid.Alien Autopsy is a very fun game! Trace each organ with the laser and put it in the cooler! Stop goons and aliens with your trusty rat suit or head over to the casino for more games. Buy games from the shop or play public ones.
Now remember multiplayer mode, play a game of cards, trade objects and have fun! There is much.much more you can do in the game! You just must see for yourself!

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