Sunday, 25 December 2011

Imagine Fashion Designer Ubisoft Entertainment

Have you ever dreamt of being a fashion designer? Well, another game from the imagine series allows you to! Create an account and check if the modelling agency has any requests, if you pass the blue collection task, well done! You will have a trophy and certificate and no more tasks. Tasks unlock new clothes and make-up etc. The tasks are very hard so you will spend hours of gaming fun! You will also be able to view the models, Japanese Akiko, Brazilian Gizelle, African-American Sharon and Russian Adriana. You will also be able to use DS wireless communications to receive data from friends!Your collection has all the items of clothing you designed. Pick a clothing section and browse the items to delete them or view them. The my book section allows you to view and delete the photos you took. You can also send photos to your friends. Those photos will be used to represent the agency. My workshops is the best part,there are Seven different workshops you can work on:
Beauty: The make-up woorkshop. Change your model's Lip colour, to sensible colours like red or pink to wierd and wacky like green and blue! Change your mascara, to sensible like black and brown to wild like red and green! You will also be able to change the blusher, add traditional Japanese make-up (White face) and a sort of orange face. Your eyes can be efficient, like brown and blue and wierd ones like black, red and purple. Your eyeshadow can be any colour you can think of, Silver, Yellow...
Hairdressing: Pick one of the many hairstyles that suit your model and change the colour, boring and sensible like blonde, brown to exciting like orange, pink, green and more!
Dressing: Pick clothes from your collection to suit your model.
jEWELERY: Pick a necklace material, Gold, Silver or copper, lenghth, Short, medium and long and one of the many gems in different places!
Photo: Take photos of your model to represent your book, change colour effect, frame size and the pose will change every few moments.
Catwalk: Very challenging, includes many minigames! Pick a perfect background and play the minigames...
STARCATCH: Click the stars before they disappear.
Silhouette mania: Remeber the silhouette!
Drawing is good: Draw the pattern that appeared on the screen.
Enjoy the game!
Also I wanted to mention, on my secret diary you can customise your diary

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