Sunday, 25 December 2011

My dress-up Oxygen Interactive Studios

Now you can design clothes and share them with friends! With the friends icon, create new friends with a broad choice of 3 face shapes, 6 skin colours, 18 hair styles, 24 colours, 24 streak colours,8 eye shapes, 6 eye colours and 8 lip styles! Create a name with up to 15 characters, Select your birthday, 1 out of the 5 personalities and select your favourite colour and pet, with over 30 choices each! After you create your profile, you may EDIT it, Dress it up, or put a ready-made costume you saved in the wardrobe! The messages icon is handy. Check your messages from friends who need your help, or normal messages like ''I want some chocolate!'' Once you complete the tasks you will unlock outfits until you unlock all of them! Then you can help your friends and save the outfit if you wish. There are many clothing items to choose from, with an easy to use menu browse through categories like shirts, dresses e.t.c and choose a colour, there are over 100!! Then you may choose a patter and change it's colours too! Once you have everything ready, save the outfit into one of the 8 wardrobes! There are 16 save slots in each wardrobe. With top designer, pick a shirt shape, then pick the colour and apply the logo and change it's colours, the possiblilities are completley endless! If you save the top you will be able to use it in your next dress up session. My dress up allows you to design your own outfits and save them, but using the wireless icon you will sure have a lot of fun! Create a dress up party with 2 of your best friends,transfer outfits to your friends, use the exclusive my games chat and get a photo from my make-up to complete your friends'new look! ENJOY!

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