Monday, 26 December 2011

DSI App reviews-System Settings

Adjust the system to suit your needs. With data management delete or copy to an SD card any data you downloaded via DSi shop. If you delete any data it can be downloaded again free of charge. Wireless communications allow you to turn the wireless communications ON or OFF. Always turn OFF when about to use in Planes, Hospitals, and Airports. Wireless communications allow use to the internet, pictochat, DS download play and games to play with multiplayer mode. With brightness settings you can set your brightness, 1, the brightness of an original DS. 3,of a DS lite and 5 of a DSi. You can set it to 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. With the profile you can edit your own profile. Change your username, a personal message, your DSi theme colour and your birthday. Change today's date with the date section and change the time with TIME.You can also set an alarm clock if you wish.Careful, it's a bit creepy. Now you can use parental controls, set a 4-digit pin.Then pick a secret question and answer. Next you can choose pegi age rating to allow, you can allow all content, 18+, 16+,15+,12+,PG,7,U Or 3+. You can restrict many items like pictochat, sending photos, ds download play, and other items of software. You can also calibrate the touch screen to see if it is working. The microphone test allows you to see if the microphone is functioning properly. With the internet section you can select connection settings, where you can connect your internet and set it up. With options you can view system information, delete nintendo WFC configguration or transfer nintendo WFC configuration. You may also check and agree to the User agreement. You can also select the language you are using and the country you are in. With the system update you may update your system. Last we have format system memory, which will delete all data. Let the system settings suit your system's needs!

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