Monday, 26 December 2011

Nintendo DSi app reviews- Nintendo DSi camera

The nintendo DSi comes with two cameras, one is the inner camera, for taking photos of yourself and the outer camera, for taking photos of surroundings. Whe-
n taking photos you can take them in normal lens, distortion lens, graffiti lens, colour lens, colourpad lens, mirror lens, mischief lens, merge lens, resemblance lens and frame lens. Create or use frames. Create a frame- use a photo in the album or create a new photo, cut out the area you put the face or photo in, you will have a perfect frame for use! In your album you can view and edit al photos you made. You can edit using all lens in the photo section except photo and frames. You can watch slideshows of your photos with some music or not. In the options section you can send or receive photos, copy, delete them all and how to use the dsi camera. This camera is great fun so enjoy!

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